John Churchill

John Churchill

John Churchill (b. 1972) is an American visual artist and musician who works in a variety media. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, Churchill presents striking colors and shapes, as well as occasional references to texts, locations and people.

John's prolific output features coincidental, accidental and unexpected connections. By applying abstraction and symbolism, he creates intense moments masterfully created by a refusal to comfort the viewer's senses.

“The best compliment I have ever received about my art is that it creates a sense of discomfort. I don't want to lull people into a catatonic state with a serene landscape, or make some self-righteous political statement. I want my work to agitate the viewer on a sub-conscious level.”

He has extended this philosophy into the realms of experimental music and film. Sounds and visuals dance around and weave into one another, all the while eschewing traditional structure and form.

John Churchill currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

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