Spaced Out Art

Well I'm not famous, I'm just a guy who likes to draw when I have the time. I've only done a few public art shows, nothing too crazy but I did sell a few drawings and some Yin Yangs. I'm one of those jack of all trades kind of guy, it keeps me busy. I was also a bike courier years ago, that really kept me busy. Some days I would think to my self, this is great!, I can't believe I'm ridding my bike for a living! Then in the middle of the 5th winter, it was more like, I can't believe I'm ridding my @#!#'n bike for a living!! Ahh those were the days. I did most of my drawings back then, it helped to relax me after a day of playing in traffic.
The space drawings just sort of came to me. A lot of space type of art seems to me to be some what dark and mysterious. I like to think that other planets can be just as beautiful as our planet, just with a few more things to look at in the sky. Each one is it's own little mind adventure.
I actually had four of them stolen. Loooong story short, with the help of a couple of really cool Cops, we tracked them down and I got them back. I'm still in aw about it. They were lifted from a restaurant where I had them on display here in Toronto. The thieves took them all the way back to Ottawa. Like I said, long story. I guess that gives my art some street cred eh? And for the record they went after Ice Moon, Blue Lagoon, The Comet and Fire In The Sky. Somebody almost got a hurt real bad.
I also love canoeing, I even built my own outrigger with a sail. If you want to see some pics go to If you like canoeing you're going to love this thing.
So now I do what I do keeping busy with renos demos, and making things look nice. As for my art and all art there's a place for it somewhere. So if you have a request for your favorite color Yin Yang just e-mail me at with the title ( Yin Yang ). They always look awesome in a nice frame. The space drawings aren't print on demand yet but the Happy Dolphin is, so if you're interested in getting one or two of the space drawings, and it's nice to mix and match them , just e-mail me and we can go from there.
Thanks, hope you like.

Hollow Earth

Signs of Life

Space Travel

Life of the Yin Yang.