Brandt Squires

Brandt Squires

About me:


Like many painters I started out in my teens almost went to art school, got disillusioned, felt there was no future in it and just gave it all up.
I am now 50 years old, I emigrated to Thailand from England about 13 years ago got married to my wife Mam and I live in the North East in a city called Udon Thani.
Some time last year I found an art shop here, hiding away at the very back of a very large book shop, this was a surprise as I thought it would need a trip to Bangkok for any kind of art supplies. It was quite a strange feeling to be in amongst all these art materials again after so many years and I felt the itch to try again and see if I could still do it, I wanted to get a good pastel set but they had a poor selection and very expensive and they didn't sell fixative so I thought I would have a try with acrylics.... and here we are.

Brandt Squires 2015

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