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Aslinn Smith Art

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I have a diploma in Fine Arts but when it came to further my education I had lost my drive and realized I was going down my own way of becoming an artist. I am just going to keep doing my thing with art and do what I feel like doing. Type C personality here, we're all gonna die one day so might as well do exactly what I want.
Right now I am a #SAHM haha. Its been interesting and not a whole lot of time for art but I get in what I can, when I can. On top of art and mom-ing I make peoples nails a work of art with gel sculpting and thats been a lot of fun and a challenge to created something on such a small area!
Other than the main points and loving art and life I pretty much live on Netflix and Shomi and watch anything even when it turns out terrible. Gotta give everything a chance at least once right? Cept for eating bugs, I haven't gotten myself to that point yet.
Umm... I don't know what else I can say about me thats not going to bore you so I'll list of few artist who I think are an influence on me and who I just really admire.
- Dave Shrigly
- Shitty Watercolor
- Joan Cornellà
- The Oatmeal

There's many others but that can get too long...and I wasn't about to list to many that are dead, thats so cliche. Although, Jackson Pollock is in there pretty big in my mind.

So.. uhh... if you ever wanna hang out just message me. K- BYE!