Paintings of Healing arts

Paintings of Healing arts

I live and work in Paris, France ,also I travel intensely to Middle East,Europa
north America where I expose occasionally.For me painting, drawing is like flying a spacecraft (my own) visiting places ,discovering, surprise!, and ability to cheer .
Early in my twenties, after having sudden awakening experiences , images pouring at me in a daily basis. Having gifted already for visual arts since my childhood,(at school, in art class, others were throwing at me there papers, under tables, to draw for them the subject matter. They were all having excellences in the end, which I was proud, so I started to explore them, but in my visions, those lines of mine where made not from colors but lights! So I was wondering how I would paint only with lights.On what support?Seurching.And the answer came, the day I met a beautiful persons ,a Californian couple visiting France. When I saw what there where doing and selling, colorful, awesome metal engraved jewelers,shining lines, almost unreal on polished metals, telling stories about mythology, bible, fairy living open books Then it was «one of these nights-in life, a kind of ecstatic, cosmic party. We all were pulled into it, into music and dance. Next day, they teach me everything about how to!
Back home, I started to create my own universe, on metal engravings and sell.Only polished white,golden lines, no colors.Later,having sold hundreds of them, in the end,went the discovering of computers,Worked as a graphic designer, digital arts technologies, later, gave me the possibility to print my own work. Designed on paper first,ink drawings, Bringing the image on computer, creating colors, digital effects and making limited editions of Giclee prints on canvas or paper on a desired scale.
Today, many years after, even I had to given up to my beloved shining lines on metals, with digital thechnologie, it's feels like the spectrum of expressionism has found it's new support,new world, a revolutionary one, for now and for the near future. I can perform a sort of projections into a timeless spacesby,exploring inner dimensions creating fragments of potential beauties , making visible the invisible.and more.

The other day
I came across a poetry I wrote a year ego. I will put it here for you.

My Universe.
In my universe, there are no complications.
In my universe things are simple.
I do not use my imagination to create things to worship nor do I do any other things like that.
I am who I am and this is and will remain a mystery for anyone else in this world, except for me.
But let me tell you few things about me witch you will never know otherwise.
I am beautifull.And my beauty you cannot ever, ever imagine how.
This will go beyond your understanding, In fact, to my beauty, there is no limitation. Can you see?
Knowing myself, I know that much about me and this should be sufficient for you to know.
I am not what you see in surface. Just a surface. I am just the contrary of any surfaces. I have a whole
another face, invisible here; witch is profound, so profound that this will remain a mystery for anyone else in this world, even for me.
This is my universe. This is who I am.
Like the thickness of every fairy tales teachings that had all comes together in the mind of a child,
I am simple,
Beautiful and
And, one last thing I will say to you about myself, which is that, when I will die, don’t be fooled by what you
will see. I do not belong to this world.
I am Immortal. And this will remain a mystery for anyone else in this world, except for me, till the end of times.

Jean-Laurent Orgaz

What I am presenting here, is my latest work,2016-2017 A sort of colorful flowers that we all are.Fruits from the tree of Knowledge
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Sacred Images

Fruits from the tree of Knowledge