i have been drawing since i could pick up a pencil. i draw inspiration from every part of life and i try to express things as i see them.
i have created something kind of new, what i call word-pictures. i take a word, and make each letter into a figure. i assemble the figures in such a way that they create an image that spells out the word. usually the image reflects the word in some way. some of the words are harder to see than others, and i think this is a fun kind of brain teaser. i began this style because i grew up in a poor part of california that was plahued by gangs and covered in what is reffered to as 'tag' or street art. i took this idea and made it my own.
people have been telling me, my whole life, to sell my art. this is my first real venture in the commercial world and i really hope you all enjoy and choose to purchase my artwork. ive always been nervous to try and sell it since my style is weird and kind of dark, i never thought i would be able to sell much. but i have decided to finally try and i hope for success. once i start to sell things i will.put more artwork in my gallery, this is just a tester batch to see what the public likes. thank you to everyone who takes the time to look!