Michael Doyle Criglow


Criglowmike@gmail.com "Supposedlyism--Share Know Bull" Dec.6, 2016. "General Criglow" (47 years guinea pig corps, without pay). The man who supposedly adopted me in 1983, Stan Anthony Karoblis, died a few years ago in St. Maries, Idaho, after being abused for many years. Remember in 1987, not long after Chernobyl, he was severely disabled, while I was in the pottery experiment at Gonzaga U. The only words he could say, and not very well, were "Can't talk" and "Pretty good". By 1988, supposedly graduating the pottery experiment, I was suffering transient mini strokes--I never made it to graduation "ceremonies" at RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT G.U. Anyway, the few things you might find on the internet about Stanley are mostly bullshit--yes, he ONCE lived in Rathdrum, Idaho 1975-1978, but certainly does not live there now, and isn't 74 years old, or whatever--he's dead! After the mini Chernobyl at G.U./Kootenai (fraud adoption), in 1987, 1988, Stan was shuffled around like a bag of bones between people uninterested in the truth about anything. As I have mentioned, he died about three years ago while I was nailed to the father Damien cross "somewhere" in the Pacific for 9.5 years; imagine chained to a tree for 9.5 years! To my knowledge, no one went to his funeral. When I returned from Pacific on Radiance of the Seas cruise ship in 2015, and returned to AMAZING Gonzaga/ Hagadone GOD'S COUNTRY, I was told Stan had died by people who didn't give a shit. Nothing had changed while I was tortured for 9.5 years. This has helped me understand why Oahu is quite screwed up. In any event, if anyone was wondering, like my bestest friends in Lithuania, Stan, who was born in Birshtonas/Vilnius in the 1940s, died in St. Maries, Idaho. His DNA samples are likely available from the CIA at the CIA annual yard sale. Of course, it's all hush hush, and at the same time not hush hush. Chances are the assholes saved his middle finger, and they have cloned it! In my opinion (not to be confused with opium), the U.S. catholics should be given an ultimatum, "This is not Rome, it is the United States of America, there isn't room for both mandatory celibacy, and Jesuits--you need to choose one or the other." Cardinal Dulles once wrote that the catholic church is dysfunctional. Shouldn't "We The People" pay attention to this, and help the dysfunctional U.S. Catholic Church? If the Pope is unhappy, I doubt it would last long. The Pope talks about taking Climate Change seriously; perhaps some catholic changes would make his "Healthy Earth" vision more plausible.



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