Samuel Rios Cuevas

Samuel Rios Cuevas

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. "Oscar Wilder"

Born and raised in Anasco, Puerto Rico

Studied animation in Collins College in Arizona and Fine Arts in Universidad Interameticana in Puerto Rico.

After Studying Joined the navy and currently live in Japan. The navy allowed me to travel the world and study art from different places like United States, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea. My current job takes most of my time but I still remain active creating art and hope to show the world my art.

Most of my early college work were paintings ans printmaking, but recently most of my works are drawings whit mix media like pen, markers, pastel, ink, color pencils, etc.

Artist Statement

The seductive whisper of temptation

In this beautiful series, I invent a variety of portraits that's summons an indigenous world of appearances and mysteries. They are inspired humanity's daily temptations, that influence our decisions until the end of our days. Temptations are always present in our life, it is our choice to condemn our-self in our deepest desires and pleasures, or obey a moral view. This masquerade is surrounded by gorgeous patterns and symbols that evoke an exotic dream of a paradise induced by art.

A detailed portrait whit wondrous masks are the main focus point of this series. It was created while on a deployment with the US NAVY. This resulted in the creation of a body of black and white drawings. The emphasis tends to be on focal points such as the enigmatic expressions and the seducing snake. The symbolic figures and ideas and inspired in my catholic and Caribbean childhood in Puerto Rico.

This body of artwork is a sequence of a previous series where I studied Caribbean indigenous sculptures, wildlife and human behaviors. It exhorts a notion off of falsehood in daily faces and invoke the presence of temptation in life they put us to the test daily.


Recent work

Early works