presenting artworks of Piotr Cicheowski ..an artist. From early childhood he had an interest in art specially painting. At age 14, he paints and sells his first piece of art which further motivates him to develop artistic expression. After military service he entirely devoted himself to painting. His paintings include almost everything - landscapes, portraits, still life, copies of old masters but mostly surrealism fantastic motives which he is moving into a canvas from an early age. Greatest motivation for furher artmaking for Piotr is the thought that his paintings bring joy and peace to the vievers In his artwork he is still looking for a new expression, creating a landscape in a landscape, insights into mysterious infinities ...." I send greetings to all the people.........................."
Piotr Cichowski - artysta malarz.

Copies, replicas of the old masters works are possible.Please inquire via E-mail/ skkdff@interia.pl

Abstract variety

Still life

He.Siemiradzki -the art master

Four seasons

Ocean,marine underwater impression


Erotic & fantastique surreal


Landscape and wild life