Faces Of The Endangered

Faces Of The Endangered


"My name is Bria, I am 10 years old and I want to save the animals. When I was 8, I read about all of the endangered animals and I couldn't believe what is happening to these wonderful creatures. I want to paint all the endangered animals and donate the money to give them a face so they don't disappear.
I am painting these pictures of endangered animals because I want people to know that they are loosing their habitats and food. It makes me feel super sad so I want to help by selling these paintings and donating the money to make sure none these wonderful animals ever go extinct.

My website is www.pigtailsart.com.
My Facebook page is https://facebook.com/Facesoftheendangered and My charity is IFAW.org." ~💛Bria

Bria, now ten, has painted over 100 species and donated over $4,600.00. She is looking towards 2016 with BIG goals and dreams; to Donate $10,000 by the end of the year. "Endangered animals are important to the planet and to people. My hope is that this year we can save all animals that are endangered, critically endangered and extinct in the wild. I hope my project will inspire people all over the world and show children they can save the animals too. Thank you for your support and making my dreams come true." ~Bria

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