Night Owl Studio

Night Owl Studio

Hello and welcome to Night Owl Studio!

Working at night, like the owl, is part of our persona and what makes our art different. The colors are saturated, sometimes muted, designs come on a breeze or a whim. Nothing is right or wrong, it just Is.

Artist: Rachel Scott: Born in New Jersey and transplanted to Tucson, AZ in 2007. The desert has given a lot of inspiration to her work.
Artist: Thomas Dominick: Born in California and also transplanted to Tucson, Thomas has a love of landscape and western painting.

A Short story of inspiration: One day while hiking in the Tucson Mountains, we found ourselves at the top of a peak looking into an old mining shaft. Spontaneously we tossed a pebble into the shaft to see how deep it was. Within a few moments we were face to face with a large owl! We woke her up! With huge swooshing wings she flew straight up out of the mining shaft and gave us a stern look before silently gliding away over the valley to find some place else to sleep. She was beautiful and majestic and soon after became a fixture in our minds. Now we research the owls, conservation, habitat, and what makes them so special.