Margaret LN Brooks

Margaret LN Brooks

Margaret L.N. Brooks (aka Maggie) is the granddaughter of the late, prolific watercolor and oil painter Laura J.A. Neese of Beloit, Wisconsin, and was highly inspired by her to develop her own talent, which first appeared in grammar school in the UK.

Living in St. Maarten in the northeastern Caribbean since her 20s, she paints mostly Caribbean scenes, and her travels through Europe have occasioned some pieces from there as well.

She focuses on landscapes and seascapes, but also dabbles in abstract art and portraits. Eight of her works won Special Recognition or Special Merit in Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery’s Art Competitions held June 2015 through February 2016. Her websites are and .

A graduate in physics, Margaret's hobbies include classical piano, languages, travel and online education.

A mother of 4, Margaret and her husband Tonca, a reggae artist from St. Maarten, built the first audio recording studio in St. Maarten in 1984. It still exists today in South Reward. After managing the studio for many years, Margaret is now an editor of local newspaper The Daily Herald.

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