Julius Fine Art

Julius Fine Art


Throughout my travels, I have been fortunate enough to encounter a number of markedly talented artists from a wide range of exotic locations. Specifically, the sources for this collection are derived from Southeast Asia as well as North and South America. In response to such a broad range of aesthetic stimuli, I have invested my time, talent, and treasure in finding, collecting, and preserving the artistic visions of a select few enterprising individuals through the purchase of a wide range of artifacts. What began as a way to chronicle my adventures has grown into a full fledged dream which arose from my discovery that along with music and food, art is one of the most direct ways of accessing local culture. My goal is to break down the social, linguistic, and generational barriers between societies by providing discerning clients access to a unique and wide ranging collection of works. I will accomplish this imperative by providing support for artisans, musicians, and innovative spirits from all the far flung corners of the globe and hopefully bring a little adventure into my customers lives as well.

As a result of this personal philosophy I have collected a substantial number of exquisite pieces ranging from high quality paintings, tapestries, masks, lithographs, among other curio. I have listed several paintings from my personal collection for sale and plan to expand my selection to include a greater variety of goods at a later date. Furthermore, I am in the process of exploring a new found passion for photography and have displayed a few choice pieces from my travels. In essence, this online gallery provides you the unique opportunity to augment your personal or professional collection with a vast number of truly unique, original, and quite frankly stunning artworks. Since the essence of all artwork is rooted in the beauty of novelty, such a diverse and powerful collection derives its roots from a wealth of cultural structures, social perspectives, religions, and linguistic traditions. Thank you for your continued support and consideration in this venture. Cheers!

*All artwork is securely shipped in hand built wooden crates to protect your investment within 5 business days of receiving the order.
**All artwork can be hand delivered within a 250 mile radius of Eastern Oregon, USA 97838.


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