December 1970,
Found my way to northern Alberta, wind chill factor 54 below zero, too cold to travel. Because I could say Banff School of Fine Arts with "Authority" I Secured a position at the Grande-Prairie Art Centre. Grande Prairie is the Hub of the North for anything Artsy. The centre Supplied materials and motivation for people across a large, semi isolated area, many would come once or twice a year or order by mail.

There was a lot of activity there including Pottery and Painting classes, Supplies for hobbys of all kinds, an enthusiastic and large model airplane club, and a weekly segment on a TV show in Dawson Creek , our local station. ( Dawson Creek is actually in British Columbia 80 Miles west of Grande Prairie). Through this media did we nourish the hunger of crafty people, with tantalizing, how to, and ,whats what, in techniques and Materials.

Twice a year the Centre would auction Arts and Crafts that came from all over. On such an occasion three drawings came into my hands , they were obviously by the same artist, only one was signed, "Robert Bateman", it was a sketch of wolf cubs, simple and marvelous , so impressed was I that I've been sketching ever since, one could easily carry pencil an pad, no matter how or where, one travelled.


Pencil Drawings

Custom portraits and Paintings