Elaine Clayman is a native New Yorker and contemporary figurative painter. She seeks to marry representational paintings with the rich colors of the impressionists. In her portrait paintings she hopes to capture the imagination of the viewer as the subjects or protagonists reflect “the story” ...a story meant to offer transparency thereby capturing a glimpse of the soul of the subjects just as they ...cross the line...leaving the viewer to complete the story by asking questions like “What is he thinking?” or “What is she sharing?” “ I seek to create a poignant, at times, photographic moment in time and allow it to seep into the viewer’s mind.” Through these images Elaine strives to insure that the viewer identifies and feels compassion for the protagonist even without words, the tools of the writer, simply because emotion is universal and, as she says, “We have all traveled many paths.” Finally, her desire is to want to make the viewer spend more time with the people in her paintings...to imagine them as people with whom they have so much intimacy that they can ask them “What’s happening now that makes you feel this way?”

In Elaine’s landscapes or street scenes, like in her portraits, she brings the scene up close inviting the viewer to enter into an intimate scene rather than have the scene appreciated from afar. Elaine is inspired by the strongly personal scenes created by Vermeer, one of her favorite painters, whereby you enter into his rooms.

Elaine Clayman studied her art with Charles Alston at the City University of New York. She also studied at Salmagundi with David Gray who taught her important techniques and whose work she greatly admires. Elaine is currently studying with Eric Michelson who teaches at the National Academy in NYC. Elaine’s paintings have been in many juried shows on the east coast. She continues to study and grow and appreciates life as a series of transitional moments.