Artwork by Carlos J Alarcon

Artwork by Carlos J Alarcon

I have been drawing since I was six. I had been inspired to draw by seeing my father's sketches if his co-workers. My father had always encouraged me to practice my art. As I grew older my skills improved. I went from tracing pictures to drawing copies of pictures in heavily detailed comics. In middle school I learned to draw from still life and began to draw live models. Eventually my portfolio would earn me a seat in The High School of Art & Design. It was my dream school since my father had graduated from the same high school.
In high school I learned to draw objects in nearly photo realistic detail. That is when I discovered that I was a perfectionist. This caused me to rarely finish my artwork because I was overly critical on myself by striving for perfection. This perfectionism marks the start of my inspirational decline.
After my junior year in A&D my family and I moved into a new town. I spent my senior year in a new school. The lack of an artistic culture furthered my decline in inspiration. Shortly after the move my portfolio was destroyed in an accident by my sister. Luckily I had photos of some of my artwork from my college applications.
After being accepted into an art college my parents informed me that they could not afford the tuition. At the time I saw no other alternative to enlisting in the military to pay for my education. The next day I enlisted in the US Air Force. I found little time and inspiration for art in my military life and I fell out of my art practice for years.
It wasn't until I met my wife that I had begun to find inspiration to start drawing again. It began with drawing birthday and anniversary cards for her. She would encourage me to start drawing again. Eventually I began to find time to sketch during deployments.
Today I am active duty in the US Air Force and still struggle with my perfectionism. I have begun to draw again and I'm working to find my lost inspiration for my art.

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