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"I think a lot, I often find myself simply observing virtually everything around me, especially when there are people around. I actually enjoy socializing with people but what's gained from observing is a deeper understanding for the world around me. Laws of nature, people’s behavioral patterns, the presence of God, these things and more I've come to realize, observe and understand. Inevitably I ask myself the same question, how do these observations relate to Takarais Reshad Billups?

My life is a continuos experience. I see what comes in and what I called fourth and create as endless opportunities to decade who I am and who I want to grow into. Often what I experience affects my emotions, this is where my art comes in. I would consider myself an eclectic artist; attaching to one style or medium isn’t appealing to me. The purpose of my work is to express my perspective and to get the viewer to simply Think.

Thinking is creative; it opens doors in the mind allowing new information to meet old information. This is important to me because I sometimes use my emotions and what I think about them when creating.

My art is meant to spread love, peace, awareness, and creativity also to state the change I want to see in the world. The goal is to provide the viewer a change to broaden their perspective by thinking about what their looking at and their personal relation to it. Honestly I decided to save the World, I want to help people grow to be the true them. My first and deepest emotion is always Love. Realizing the Earth’s problems is bigger than me I sort out to do the next best thing. Express my love for the world and for personal growth to the world in hopes for a positive change and maybe pay a few bills along the way. Creating I use pens, pencils, paints, paper, and clay, mental, canvas anything I’m inspired to grow with.

I consider every life that views and buys my artwork as a blessing and an expansion of my Love.” TAKARAIS RESHAD BILLUPS





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